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May- June 2013


What we are doing at the moment...

We're making films presenting different parts of our school. You can watch them when you go to "Our films". We've already got 5 films showing the following places:

- the Teachers' Room

- the Sports Hall

- the Maths and IT Classroom

- the Science Classroom

- the Pedagogue's Room


We're learning how to make mind maps for grammar problems, e.g. tenses:


English declamation contest, 14th January 2013 – 3. place for Agata Sudomierska!


2 students from our school, Agata Sudomierska from class 5a and Klaudia Tuńska from class 6a, took part in „Międzyszkolny Konkurs Recytatorski Angielskiej Poezji Dziecięcej” organized by Szkoła Podstawowa nr 105 in Świdnica on 14th January 2013. They prepared for it at home and with Ms Dorota Nowakowska. The girls did really well, and Agata took the third place in the contest. Congratulations!


School disco, January 2013







The second school disco in this school year, organized by the school SU, was really good again. There were about 30 students from all the classes. The music was cool – operated by Paweł Panek from class 6b, and for the first time there was a real disco atmosphere thanks to disco lights. Everyone should come next time!


Class 5b at the icerink and Galeria Świdnicka, 4th December 2012




The whole class went iceskating and had a brilliant time! After 2 hours at the icerink we walked to Galeria Świdnicka to have something to eat and drink. The trip was a "gift" from Santa for our class.



“Schola” - the kids choir at the church




There is a kids choir in the parish in Witoszów Dolny. They call themselves simply “Schola”. A group of students from our school make this choir to sing on Sunday Mass for kids at 9.45 in Witoszów Dolny. They meet every Friday afternoon at the parish building to learn new songs, and to have fun – there are always some games and some sweets! Ms Dorota Nowakowska, our English teacher, looks after the group. She plays the guitar and teaches new songs. You can join them any time!


“Roraty”in Witoszów Dolny parish church, December 2012





In December about 50 to 60 students from our school participated in „Roraty”. For 15 days before Christmas there was a Mass in the church at 6.45 in the morning and then breakfast in the parish building. Getting up early was not a problem at all! It was great to have breakfast with so many friends from school! And even some teachers.



Class 5b on a trip onto “Ślęża”, 1st October 2012





On the 1st of October Class 5b with their class teacher and one parent went on a one day trip to climb Ślęża. They arrived in Tąpadła and from there went up the mountain, making some stops to play some group games. On top of Ślęża they spent some time in the tourist hostel drinking tea and learning about the history of the Ślęża Landscape Park and playing more games together. The boys were given some gifts from the girls for the Boy’s Day. It was a great day!




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